48 Hours in Tokyo: The Starter Kit

March 22, 2016



To say that I had a limited amount of time would be putting it lightly; I basically had 48 hours in Tokyo. Such a splendid, bustling metropolis definitely deserves a more insightful and dedicated visit but discovering every nook and cranny in Tokyo just wasn’t in the cards for this trip (I promise there’s a decent explanation to follow in my next post!). Yet, I did give some thought to how I wanted to utilize my time in Tokyo. This go-round, I chose to TRULY get lost. No books, no guides, no recommendations. I walked outside my door, turned right and just started walking. And what I found was a sublime culture of convenience! In no particular order, the highlights:


A delectable bakery in Meguro called Gentille. The most fattening aromas drifted out of this little spot, and like Jerry to his beloved cheddar cheese, I floated on in and annihilated every pastry in sight.


Conveniently placed vending machines that dispense hot and cold beverages can be found throughout the city. However, you’d be hard pressed to actually find anyone eating or drinking in the streets.


Breathable bag-for your head-that’s handed to you when trying on clothes? Genius! Gentlemen, you’re going to have to ask the women in your lives as to why this is so clutch.


I can’t speak or read Japanese. But what I can tell you is that this panel, in the public restroom, had a button to warm up your rump, wash your derrière and simulate ‘flushing’ noises . I just can’t…


Rush hour. The germaphobe in me nearly had a grand mal seizure.


Bar Tram, a fresh cocktail bar located in Shibuya. Guaranteed great, albeit lubricated, time.


Ramen! In all honesty, I don’t have any suggestions for the ‘best’ places to eat. So unless you’re a ramen aficionado,  just start eating and don’t stop! Eventually, you’ll figure out the good, the bad and the evil.


Mt. Fujisan, very rarely referred to as just Mt. Fuji by the Japanese.


Peep the nose! When you get a little too high off of the prospects of Spring…

DSC09022 DSC08882 DSC08987 DSC09026

 Not to be mistaken for the ever so popular cherry blossoms, these stunning plum blossoms bloom a few weeks prior to the cherry blossoms. If you’re not too keen on the idea of the commotion or coin sucking frenzy that cherry blossom season brings, try visiting Tokyo beforehand.  You won’t be disappointed.


Hold the latte! I loved trying matcha tea for the first time, it’s basically whisked ground green tea but with a steeper price tag.


Never met a sunset I didn’t love.


Tokyo’s allure remains a mystery to me. Perhaps one that I may never actually pinpoint. The controlled chaos of one of the most technologically advanced cultures I’ve ever witnessed juxtaposed with some of the oldest ancestral traditions I’ve ever seen, has me craving more. I haven’t even skimmed the surface, not in the least. There are so many more ways for me to be consumed by  Tokyo. But until we meet again,ありがとうございます!


  • Bianca @itsallbee

    Beautiful pictures! I was going to be visiting Japan for the first time this month by combining a trip to Japan with my trip to Australia but sadly had to cancel Japan as it meant doing almost 2 days of transiting from Sydney. Maybe next year. Hope you had a good time.


    • admin

      Thanks so much Bianca! I really loved it for the short time that I was there. I hope you get to explore Japan soon but until then, keep me posted on your Aussie adventures. 🙂

  • Malique

    wow it looks amazing i’m hoping to be able to go there and Hong Kong next year, this definitely made me want to go more! Photos are great x

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