Paris, It’s Always A Good Idea!

November 11, 2014


I glance down at my vibrating cell phone.  I’m too slow to catch the whole message as it scrolls across my locked screen but my heart has already sunk to the soles of my feet.  Did I read that correctly? I swipe my thumb across the spotty glass screen and read the text in its entirety. “Bad news, I can’t make the trip.” Yeah, I read that right the first time.

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This adventure was just days away from kicking off.  Needless to say, the disappointment settled in quickly. I was already sold on the idea of exploring unfamiliar territory and creating some new and amazing travel memories. But alas, it wasn’t going to happen this time around. I can’t really say that I was completely heartbroken.  Life happens. Plans are made and plans are broken.



So what was I going to do with cancelled travel plans and a little bit of time off from work? Regroup and keep it moving! After some quick logistical changes and a couple of phone calls to some close friends overseas, I eventually found myself heading to the City of Light. Paris, that is! And why not? I hear it’s ALWAYS a good idea!


  • Kiya

    I had to catch-up on your latest blog posts! Plans changed and you kept moving right along! Love the pics!

    • admin

      Thanks so much Kiya! If people ever cancel/change travel plans on you at the last minute, just pop your collar and find your own way! The unknown is just as much fun!

  • Danielle

    Love it! I was right there at Place de Clichy at the same cafe in August and I went solo (well, on purpose but still…). Yes, Paris is ALWAYS a good idea.

    • admin

      LOL, thanks Danielle! I swear solo travel really shows us what we are truly made of!

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