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December 26, 2015


Is it me, or were November’s headlines somewhat of a global doozy? I found it a bit difficult to write inspirational stories of wanderlust, when it seemed even more difficult to read/watch any news outlet and not wonder if the ‘human’ in humanity had all but vanished into thin air, much like that two pack I was proudly rocking prior to third helpings of gravy on Thanksgiving Day! Despite inflammatory words like racism, travel bans and terrorism heavily littering my news feeds lately, one simple fact remains. Travel forever changes the way we see the world and the way the world sees us. For better or for worse. With that being said, I can and will only travel with one mindset (which just so happens to be the same one I’ve used all along). Fear of nothing; faith and love in everything.  So I’ll continue to share and write about chance encounters with potential future baby daddies, crashing into BMWs and orgasmic culinary experiences, so long as I can show others (like this munchkin pictured above) that you belong everywhere, and you certainly belong anywhere! I mean, if this face doesn’t give you all kinds of buttery gooey feelings, email me asap. I’m ready and willing to help you find your human!

Where: Harlem, NYC


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