Perfect Strangers!

February 13, 2015


At this point, I can’t feel my fingertips.  My quest for the perfect panoramic shot of the Swiss Alps just might cost me the ability to count to ten on both hands! It’s brick up here and the threat of frostbite is too real. I refocus my attention. Ignoring the throbbing numbness in my fingers, I bring the view finder back up to my right eye.  Just behind me, I can hear someone shouting. “Hellooooo? Hello? Yoo hoo, Miss?”, the voice hollers. I’m a solo explorer today so I pay no attention to the voice and continue snapping away. Yet, the calls keep getting louder. And closer.  I drop my camera to my chest when the shouts turn into a squealing voice right behind me. I turn to find a lady smiling a smile that could easily give the Cheshire cat a serious run for his money. “Hello Miss, I’m so happy to see you!”, she shrieks breathlessly. I’m confused but her excitement is so contagious that I can’t help but to return the smile with equal enthusiasm. “I NEVER thought I’d see someone who looks like me up here too!”

Reasons #1-345 to travel.

Africans. Travelers. Strangers. Family.

Where: Leysin, Canton De Vaud, Switzerland


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