Ride Out: Shiga Kogen

April 30, 2016

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 I was tired of waiting, no more lame excuses. I’d already broken one of the ancient cardinal rules of wanderlust. I had not-so-patiently waited on others to get their sh*t together! From paper-thin excuses to broken promises to unanswered messages, you name it, I’d heard it all. But I wasn’t going to wait any longer. So I managed to stack my work days and call in a few favors as I set my sights on something fresh, something different, something invigorating. One of the the realest reasons I was itching to head to Japan?


Where: Shiga Kogen, Japan


  • JoJo

    Awesome days we had!

  • Rae

    Looks amazing! I went snowboarding earlier this year and it was very.. umm.. interesting. Not bad or anything but let’s just say, as someone who has never been in the slopes before, I should have tried skiing first. LOL! Nevertheless, I can’t wait to go back even though Denver’s slopes don’t even compare to these.

    Oh, and trust me, I know all about people who are chock full of excuses.. which is why I’m going on my first ever solo trip in a few weeks. I do not have time.

    • admin

      YESSSSSS to solo tripping! Ans don’t worry about those slopes, it took me YEARS just to balance on my board. Hope you give it another go!

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