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July 20, 2015


Solo travel. Before you, I thought I knew who I was.  I even thought I knew exactly who I wanted to be.  I mean, why wouldn’t I? I’d been living this life, in this exact same lanky body long enough to have figured out a thing or two about my future. That was all true until I tried you on for size. Shortly after discovering solo travel, I started to explore the world on my own and on my own terms.  I no longer waited for the ‘right’ opportunity to show its face. Instead, I realized I already held the key that unlocked the door to these moments. There was no turning back. Never before had I been so abruptly forced to face my fears, had my weaknesses exposed daily, if not hourly, and been empowered to reclaim my strengths. Solo travel, I thank you. Thanks for showing me that my most reliable travel companions were always me, myself and I.

   If you ever want to test the limits of YOU, might I suggest a solo trip? Solo travel helps us recognize both the frailty and the greatness in ourselves. So definitely do yourself a favor and go get lost. I bet my last mile a better you will be found!


  • Carla

    For years I have been fearful of traveling to a new place alone. As a result, a few friends and I would plan all of these different trips to these wonderful places and when the time came to go, I was the only one prepared and never went because I didn’t want to go alone.

    I recently went to Puerto Rico with a few friends. And when I wanted to go out and explore the city, for the most part, they were still sleeping. But I refused to remain in a hotel. I mean.. it’s PUERTO RICO.

    I took my courage, my backpack, and my selfie stick and never have I felt more .. idk.. free and alive. LOL!

    I am planning on taking a solo trip later in the year. I dont know where I’m going, but I know I can’t wait.

    Awesome post!

    • admin

      Hi Carla, I write these blog posts for YOU! Thank you so much for sharing your story. By sharing our stories, I hope that one more person will see the world with no strings attached!

  • Annabelle


    This the typical scenario that I find myself in as well with my friends. I’m from uk and I’ve started small by going around the different cities and coastal beaches. I’m slowly finding out that I’m nearly done with the country and the next place that I would like to venture out to is Europe. To be exact, ITALY!!! especially after I visited quite a while back it does open your eyes to the many more places that one can see other than the english coast line and the gregg’s on the high street. lol

    But yh, I think it is something that many people want to do but the idea of doing something on your own does scare people which then tries to scare you. But I hope I find the courage one day to venture out from the British lands and start the travelling and quench the urge for adventure!!

    Love your blog BTW very inspiring 🙂

    • admin

      I love that you will not allow the fear that others live by, dictate moves in your own life! Keep exploring and just know that you will fall in love with Italy for sure!

  • Shar

    As I am reading all of your posts, I couldn’t help but wonder, “does she travel to all these places alone?” I guess my question has just been answered. I am so glad that you posted this. I just like everyone else, dream of just traveling to as many places as i can around the world, but as i try to find someone to travel with I always end up left alone. Something in me is always thinking “just go”, but there is something truly terrifying of traveling to a foreign country alone, and not knowing people or the town. I could only imagine getting lost alone. however, this post was inspiring. i hope to one day conquer my fear one step at a time. Thank you for taking the time to encourage us new travelers to overcome our fears and just travel.

    • admin

      Thanks so much for your comment Sharneice! So glad this helped, it’s a huge part of why I write on the blog. Please let me know when you finally make it to your first solo destination!

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