Travel Hiccups: Flat Out of Options.

September 11, 2016

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These days, I’m sort of becoming a connoisseur of disaster. If I had a dollar for every time something profoundly ridiculous (and often times totally avoidable) happened when I traveled, I’d be doing yoga in the buff on my own private island. Juiceless cell phones, nonexistent spare tires and a timid driver made for one sidesplitting, albeit cringeworthy, experience. In these moments, I can’t do much else but toss my head back and just laugh. Laugh at my ill placed frustrations. Laugh at the family of baboons that chased me back into the useless vehicle (true story). Laugh with serendipity. Because without her, how else would I have caught these last beating rays of sunshine in our rescue jeep? Helping my outsides match the persistent light within.

Where: Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa


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