A Year In Travel!

January 20, 2015

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The new year is here! Time for me to start planning, plotting and elbowing my way into new and amazing adventures. But before I do, I’d like to take a second to highlight some incredible moments of discovery, surprise and love that unfolded while I traveled in 2014. With over 40 flights, countless miles, missed connections, blossoming friendships, lost love and the worst turbulence of my life (I’m looking at you Bhutan) all safely nestled in my 2014 travel memories, it’s hard to describe just how truly grateful I am to be able to share my travels with others.  I’m excited to share more in the new year, always with the hope that sharing will one day inspire just one person to get up and get lost!  With that being said, what are ya’ll still waiting for? Let’s Go Yesterday!


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