Zakynthos: Keri Caves!

March 8, 2015


Mother Nature = 6,347; Human Race = 0

Alright Mother Nature, we pitiful humans get it! Spring is less than two weeks away and we’ve noticed that with all these record breaking snow falls, you really couldn’t care less! It’s obvious that your immediate plans don’t involve warmer temps, tan lines or cannonballing into crystal clear blue waters. But it’s ok, no biggie! While we patiently wait for you to turn the tide, I’d like to share some awesome outtakes from my visit to Zakynthos, Greece. It’s just a little reminder that the epicness of spring and summer  is always worth the wait!

DSC07748 DSC07760

  Our amazing host Sai, from Kaminia Villas, played tour guide for the day and helped us rent a small boat out of Laganas Bay.  On our way to Keri Caves we stopped by Marathonisi (Turtle Island) to visit the wildlife reserve.  This little slice of paradise was great for swimming and admiring the natural heritage of Zakynthos.

DSC07793 DSC07794 DSC07811 DSC07820 DSC07822

After about an hour at Marathonisi, we took off for the caves. With exquisite turquoise waters, exploring and swimming in Keri Caves is a rare opportunity to witness what happens when nature and magic collide!

DSC07827 DSC07851 DSC07853

Helpful Tip: This little treasure can start to swell with catamarans later in the morning, making for a somewhat uneasy swim. So definitely go early if you can!

DSC07872 DSC07919 DSC07930

Still not convinced about adding Zakynthos and a visit to Keri Caves to your bucket list, grocery list or heck, ANY list for that matter? Well hopefully this little video might help seal the deal.  When Mother Nature finally relaxes with these sub zero conditions, you’ll definitely find that Zakynthos is a magnificent way to thaw out!

Where: Zakynthos, Greece

Bathing Suit: Urban Outfitters


  • Tudz

    Gorgeous photos and you look amazinggg ♥

  • Carolyn

    These are such wonderful photos! Just wondering, which boat/tour company did you book the boat trip with??

    • admin

      LOL, on this day we literally rented with the first guy who showed up! Our host helped drive the boat and show us around!

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