Romance on the Nile: Old Cataract Hotel

April 30, 2016

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A few months ago I spilled half the tea on one of my worst hotel experiences ever, like ever ever.  Not one to let the negativity fester, I thought I’d balance the scale and highlight the gloriousness that is the Old Cataract Hotel. The newly renovated Sofitel Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan, Egypt is everything a 5-star luxury hotel ought to be. Aswan typically makes an appearance at the beginning or end of the oh so popular Nile River cruise, so an opportunity to visit the hotel is definitely doable. If there is one thing I highly suggest any traveler squeeze into a jam packed Egyptian itinerary, it’s treating yourself to a stay at this exquisite hotel.

Now when it comes to rating this hotel’s overall experience, all superlatives apply. Just thinking about their service, food, cleanliness, amenities, location has me feeling like Aunty Oprah. “And you get five stars and you get five stars and you get five stars…”

Hotel: Old Cataract Hotel

Where: Aswan, Egypt

Overall Grade: A



  • Rae

    I was sold on that bathroom. It is absolutely gorgeous. The views seem pretty amazing as well!

  • Sahii Renee

    hey, I found your blog through instagram , I find it very well written and inspiring
    maybe one day you could make a post on how you started travelling for aspiring wanderers like myself.

    • admin

      Hello Sahii! Thanks so much for reading. I will definitely do that!

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